Customizing UITabBar – Using Images, UITabBarController & its delegate methods

I have read many different kind of articles & lot many forums. I also tried to implement Tab Bar customization in many different ways. Finally I came up with a very short & simple solution. Implementation of this technique is very simple & unique. It doesn’t require any kind of sub-classing of UITabBar or UITabBarController. & It is recommended NOT to customize them. Let’s not talk Much & do what you want.

Let’s start the tutorial then.

Step 1. Start XCode & “Create a new Project”


Step 2. Select The “Tab bar application” as project template & Save the project.


Step 3. Open MainWindow.xib & add a UImageView after the window ( not under it ). DO NOT insert it as Subview as window. Add it as a separate from Window. If you don’t understand what I said, Please have a look over following image. It is self explanatory.

Step 3

Step 4. Place following code into your application delegate.h file.
ApplicationDelegate.h file contents.


Step 5. Place following code into your applicationDelegate.m file.
ApplicationDelegate.m File contents.



Damn ! Give Me The Code !
Ha ha ! I know you are eager to grab the code now. Even though, If you wish to try yourself, Followings are images which can be used for following this tutorial.

  • TabBar – 1


  • TabBar – 2


  • TabBar – 3


  • TabBar – 4


  • TabBar – 5



Here is the link for the Source Code of this sample Tutorial for UITabBarController Customization. Please leave comments & Let me know your feedback.

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