Map View controller with multiple pin on Google map

1. Copy following file in to projects.

  • Place.h
  • Place.m
  • PlaceMark.h
  • PlaceMark.h

2. Download above files from Here & place it as follows.

3. Create new file (myCity.m)

4. Place following code  (myCity.h)

5. Place following code (myCity.m)

Here is the expected output.

To grab the source files for Place & Place mark, you can get it from here.

To grab entire sample code, click here.

2 thoughts on “Map View controller with multiple pin on Google map

    • Sharmila,

      I am little bit confuse why are you using same coordinate to add annotation rather then this do adding custom view into annotation then you can also do any think operation you can do.

      So my suggestion is rather then adding multiple annotation, adding custom view and do your operation.

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