UIPickerView Example

Hello All ! I am going to explain implementation of UIPickerView using this post. According to me following are the steps for the simplest implementation of UIPickerView.

1) Create a new window based Application Project and set the project name to UIPickerVctr .
2) Add a new File to your project, then select UIViewController as a subclass. Set the file name as SingleComponentPickerViewController.
3) Place following code in your SingleComponentPickerViewController.h file.

4) Place following code in your SingleComponentPickerViewController.m file.

5) Open SingleComponentPickerViewController.xib, drag & drop UIPickerView from library. Connect delegate & datasource of UIPickerView to File’s Owner.

6) Save project and run the project.

Source CODE.

Here is the source code link.

Thanks & Regards,
Nimit Parekh

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