9 thoughts on “Integrating Facebook in iOS

  1. Hi There,

    It is really nice one. But for now Facebook comes with “Web Apps Technology” So there are no need to do all these efforts for your iPhone. I think these are the best with ios. Cheers :)


  2. Disregard my storyboard comment. However, when I run this I would like to pre-populate the dialog box that the user fills out to post to facebook

    How can I do this?


    • Hi Chris !

      Here is a quick hint.
      Put a textfield/textview in one view & ask user to fill it up. Grab the values from those input fields & pass it to Facebook-wall-post method.

      Hope it helps ! Thanks.

  3. One more question. I get the app to work with your Facebook App ID. When I put my Facebook App ID into the code and the .plist file, the app runs, I click Okay to allow the app to post to Facebook on my behalf but when I do this, I get a blank screen. Any ideas on what causing this?

    Thank you for the help

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