Creating Image Grid using UITableView in iPhone

This post will guide “How to create a grid kind of Table View?”
In this post following major points are covered.

  • TableView
  • Custom UITableViewCell
  • Array of images.
  • HJCache for asynchronous image loading.

1) Copy paste(import) HJCacheClasses library into project.

2) Select .pch file and then add the following code

3) Select application delegate header file(ImageGridAppDelegate.h)

4) Select application delegate method file(ImageGridAppDelegate.m) and following code insert into “didFinishLaunchingWithOptions” method.

5) Add new Empty xib file name as CCell.xib more further refer following image.


6) Select buttons and choose property and give the tag number start first button with 0(zero).
7) Select ImageGridViewController.xib then insert UITable them.
8) Select ImageGridViewController.h and following code tobe their.

9) Select ImageGridViewController.m and implement further code.

Output of Application

Grab the sample code from here.

5 thoughts on “Creating Image Grid using UITableView in iPhone

  1. Cheers, I’ve been looking for ages for something like this. I tried using the Three20-library but that was too much of a hassle for a ‘simple’ imagegrid-view.


    One remark though: I think it would be better if you gave some more info with these steps. Why you do this & that.
    For me, it would be a lot more useful than just copying your code and not understanding 100 % of it.

    But again: thanks.

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