ImagePageControll – Building a PageControll With images

Using this post I am going to describe “How to build a ImagePageControll” with the help of UIScrollView and HJManagedImageView.

Here is an example of output of it.

Let’s have a quick look of that.

Step 1. Implement HJCaching into your project. If you don’t know what HJCache is – please refer this tutorial.

Step 2. Add a HJManagedImageV and a UIScrollView object into your ViewController’s.xib ( Place it as required ).

Step 3. Your ViewController should have following variables defined in .h file.

Step 4. Have a look at following viewDidLoad method, which indicates that tutorials is using URLs in an array.

Step 5. Add Following methods & constants in your ViewController.m file.

Step 6. Execute Project. or Download sample code from here.

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