Image Gallery Controller using scroll view

Hello Everyone ! Using this post I am going to describe the use the image gallery when tap on the another image that image show in that view not travel on another view also user can scroll the image list and tap on that image that shows on above imageview controller.In this post i use the HJCache library which uses the cache the images on particular time duration if time duration is finish then automatically delete those images.

Following steps to implement the Gallery controller..

step 1: Create the New Project select single view application and give name like “ImageGalleryDemo” and press next.

step 2: Following files and folder copy into your projects.

step 3: Following code write into viewcontroller.h file

step 4: following code insert/implement into viewcontroller.m file

In to viewDidLoad method following code to implement


step 5: Now Run the application useing cmd+R.

Expected Output

Grab the source code here.

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