Download images, Store & Access them within application

In this post, I’ll illustrate downloading images, storing them locally, manage the .plist file for those images & using that .plist file access images application-wide.

For that following code to implement.

1) Create new Project select “Single View Application” and Give name the application also define the location where the store project.

2) Import Following libraries into project.

3) set the “Header Search Paths” in Build settings.


4) Now following “ASIHTTP” folder copy into your “Supporting Files”  Folder.


5) Implement following code  into viewcontroller.h file

6) Implement following method into viewcontroller.m file

Following method is use for the when the download request finished or request should be fail to load that time this method to call.


7) Now Run the application and check the URL of image which is fetched from local only.

Grab the source code here.

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