Show hidden files Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Hello, In this post, I will describe How to show the hidden files in the lion OSX , It is very useful for the development while the hide/show the .svn files in the window and manually delete the .svn files or the using the command prompt to delete the .svn file for that go to this post

To enable hidden files/folders in finder windows:

  1. Open Finder
  2. Open the Utilities folder
  3. Open a terminal window
  4. Copy and paste the following line in:
If OSX Version 10.* use below
  1. Press return
  2. Now hold β€˜alt’ on the keyboard and right click on the Finder icon
  3. Click on Relaunch

You should find you will now be able to see any hidden files or folders. One you are done, perform the steps above however, replace the terminal command in step 4 with:

If OSX Version 10.* use below

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