Adding Testimonials in tableview with Custom UITableViewCell

Well, One of my friend was so confused about displaying the testimonials. I said just calm down. Tell me whats the problem, from where you get the data. He told me, here is the sample  link. Assume that, I want to display those testimonials in my iPhone screen. How is it going to look nice & clean?

I said, Don’t worry. I will have a solution for you soon.

So, This post will illustrate following things.

  • Dynamic UITableViewCell Height Concept.
  • Custom UITableViewCell
  • Applying Borders, fonts & size using coding

Let’s begin. Here are the screen-shots of Output of that sample code.

Testimonials - Sample Code - Custom UITableView Cell 1Testimonials - Sample Code - Custom UITableView Cell 2Testimonials - Sample Code - Custom UITableView Cell 3

First create a UITableView Custom Cell as illustrated below.

Testimonials - Sample Code - Custom UITableView Cell 4

Following code insert into viewcontroller.h file

Now, Place following code. ( Assumed that, we already have a data in .plist file, Please check sample code for sample data )

Edit Code For Auto Scroll Cell

Grab the sample code from here.

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