Having trouble while checkout from Google ?

Google-code mostly uses either SVN or Mercurial tools as sub-version control systems.

But in mac osx, neither SVN nor Mercurial commands are installed by default.

First I will describe installing Mercurial.

Installation & usage steps for Mercurial ( HG ) sub-version system

1) Open this URL – http://mercurial.berkwood.com/ and download appropriate version.

SVN and HG Checkouts 1


2) Open downloads folder & locate downloaded package & run that package file.

SVN and HG Checkouts 2


3) Now a sample checkout command for testing – everything is working fine or not.

Run above in terminal as illustrated below.

SVN and HG Checkouts 3

4) Wait while it gets checkout ( stay calm :P )

SVN and HG Checkouts 4

5) Go to finder & explore for the download location.

SVN and HG Checkouts 5

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