Language selection within application

Using this post, I  am going to describe the trick that I implemented in one of the applications developed by me.

This trick enables Arabic Language support & English language support.

In short, This trick will help you to enable multiple language support within the application which is not related with the iOS Device language settings.

Step 1) Create a new project named as a “LanguageSelector” or open your existing project.

Step 2) Insert two buttons into .xib file for switching between different languages.

Step 3) Put & connect following method to those buttons. Set tag = 1 for English & set tag = 2 for Arabic. ( Tag is a property provided by Interface Builder )

step 4) Now, Above method is for saving the preference of Language. Once you are done with that, In application, one can ensure about selected language by the user. Please check following code for it.

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