Installing an Ad Hoc Distribution

Few days before, I was instructed to send .ipa file to client using mail. For me, That was not a new thing. I just created .ipa file & sent to the client. But later, I have to give support to client for ‘How to install that .ipa file?’

I knew the steps. So, I could explain & give better support but Top levels were not happy with this process happened. They told me to prepare a complete document which includes all the steps for installation of .ipa file.

Horrible & shocking ! But Finally, I have to prepare a document. If you face the same situation – just copy following image & save it as an pdf or just use it as it is.


I found those steps from here. Kudos to those guys help me to prepare document which includes those steps.

sugartin iphone ipad distribution build ipa ad hoc

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