Twitter integration using Share-kit (also for iOS 4)

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According to me, this post would be the most valuable post as compare to others. I faced too many troubles for integrating it. But Finally I came up with solution at the end.

I have prepared a bunch of instructions based on my understanding & please let me know your feedback on it using the comments under this post.

What is Share-kit ?

  • ShareKit is open source, drop-in share features for all iOS apps.
  • Every iOS developer would have to individually track and maintain disparate SDK integrations for each sharing service for each app that has sharing features. ShareKit keeps you DRY.
  • In just a few easy steps, lovingly documented here by the Share-kit official site.

Now, According to me, Replacing KEY & CallBack URL will not be a complex thing. The other side – you have to drag the share-kit folder and some changes into the Constant file.

Following is the step to integration of the Twitter into our project.

Step 1) Create a new Application in Twitter. (If you already have it – skip this step) For the development, we will need AppId, SecretKey and Callback URL. Use this url to create new twitter App :- .

Provide complete the Application details.

Step 2) Now Download the share-kit library ( Edited by me )

Step 3) Create new project and select single view Application / Or open your existing project.

Set the application name.

Set the location for the Application.

Step 4) open the project and Open constant.h file which is into the Supporting Files.

Step 5) Modify following details in Constant.h as illustrated below & your project is ready to execute.

I am also planning to post Facebook Integration & Linkedin integration as soon as I get time.

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