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Hello All,

Few days before, I write a post for  twitter  integration using Share-kit & As I promised I am going to share my knowledge for integrating facebook sharing using Share-Kit.

I am going to use an open-source  Popup from iphonedevelopertips. All Credits goes to them. Kudos to them.

I am just creating a post based on my understanding & share my knowledge.

According to me, Following are the steps for integrating facebook.

Step 1) Go to developer sections “https://developers.facebook.com/” and login.


Step 2) Click on Apps and “Create New App”

Step 3) Enter the name of the application.

Step 4) Enter the captcha of facebook. :P :)


Step 5) It will navigate to fb-app-details page. Grab necessary details as indicated in image below.

Step 6) Create a new project or Open existing project. Download the source code from here. for

step 7) From downloaded source-code, Drag-drop Sharekit folder and into the your project.

Step 8) Create the new constant.h file & also import this file into  yourProject.pch file

Put following lines of code into the constant.h

Step 9) Import following files into “yourViewController.h” file

Step 10) Put following lines of code into yourViewController.m file


Soon, I will be posting on evernote & linkedin sharing as well. Keep coming back here.

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