Include Rating Module in your application

I believe, most of the applications include ratings within application for different purpose.

So, Here, I am just going to provide basic module & which can be used based on your different needs.

Here are the screen-shots from the Output using iOS Simulator.

Sugartin rating table rateSugartin rating table rate screen

Code is scattered so, I am not going to put all the code here. Get the sample code & just drag-drop what-ever you need. :)

Grab the sample code from here.

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    • Yes Bro ! I am too much busy now & eager to post something new. But don’t have enough time for that. So, I realized, I have one quick-solved thing with me. I just posted it. Hope you don’t mind. :) Cheers.

  1. dude seriously.its you who helped me in the first place with this rating.have no problem with posting…looking forward for your new post..:)cheers.

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