Scale and Rotate image while capture the image in iphone Device

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In a IOS development so many time issues like when we capture the image from Device, some time capture photo automatically converted into the landscape and doesn’t show good so creating post for the when capture the image then some amount of the processing over image and check whether image direction is proper or not if not proper then we rotate that image as given the size and also if the image height and width is not proper then that image to automatically scale.

Following is the steps for the code.

1)  Create the New Xcode Project.

2)  Select the single view Application.

3)  Give the name of the Application and Bundle identifier ,…etc

4)  Now jump over the Coding part Following code is use for the scale and rotate the image ,

Here – I have used an actionsheet to ask user for the camera.

Delegate methods for the UIActionSheet

Delegate methods for the image Picker Controller

Following code for the scale the image and return the Image.


5) Out Put Of a program


6) Grab the Source Code From Here.

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