Add Radar Overlay on the MapView

In this post, I will describe adding the overlay of Radar on the MapView (MKMapView)

Here is the sample screen-shot of the output of this post.

Add overlay on MapView Sugartin

1. Open your project & Import CoreLocation.framework & MapKit.framework

2. Download the sample code & import four files into your project. MapOverlay.h, MapOverlay.m, MapOverlayView.h, MapOverlayView.m.

3. Import following file into your viewController.h ( ViewController having the map )

4. Now, Put following line of code to add the overlay on the map.

5. Now, over-ride following method for adding OverlayView on the mapview. Make sure, you have a MKMapView on your View & Delegate is connected properly.

6. Run the project & test the output on simulator.

Source of Radar Image used from following location.

Let me know your comments & feedback on this.

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