Custom Range Slider Component to Pick Range

In this tutorial, I will describe the two sliders were used to configure the minimum and maximum parameters of a setting.
In most of the cases, Application may need to select data between some values for that extended features use and develop a new tutorial for picking the min and max value using two handle .

Followings are the steps to implement in our project.

1) Create New Project using (press cmd+shift+n). Select Single View Application.

2)  Give the name of the project and select the location where to store.

3) Now Download the source code from here. Following is the Hierarchie of the Downloaded project.

4) Then Open that project and Drag and drop SliderDemo.h and SliderDemo.m file into Our project.

5) Also inserting the images into our Project which shows into below screen.

6) Now, Disable the Arc For Two file for that following screen to apply.

7) Following code implemented into your View controller and put into viewdidLoad method.

8) Create New Method inside the View controller which is describe int following.

9) Now Import the header file into view controller.

Expected Results for the Project

Grab The Source Code From Here

Hope that helps.

2 thoughts on “Custom Range Slider Component to Pick Range

  1. Hi Nimit Parekh,

    I have executed your code on my system then it is working properly but i integrated the same code with my app then it gives slider problem means slider is not properly sliding.

    so can you plz give me suuggestion for this problem

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