UIPopOver Illustrations – Part 1

This post will cover following topics

  • UIPopoverViewController
  • UIBarButtonItems
  • UIToolbar, UINavigationBar
  • IBActions & IBOutlet collections
  • Illustration using step by step
  • Illustration using Video.

I will describe to the points & will not write too much.

01. Open existing project or create new project.


02. Go to your view-controller Interface/xib/nib file.

ipad uipopover part-1 image 2


03. Add UIToolbar or UINavigationBar.

ipad uipopover part-1 image 3

04. Add necessary UIBarButtonItems.

ipad uipopover part-1 image 1

05. Connect Actions.

ipad uipopover part-1 image 4

06. Now, create a new viewController – assume popVCtr is the class/interface name.

ipad uipopover part-1 image 5

07. Open popVCtr.xib file & build the User-interface as per the need.

ipad uipopover part-1 image 6

08. Open popVCtr.xib & place following code in viewDidLoad or viewWillAppear method.

09. Switch back to your view-controller.h file & declare variables as follows.

10. Now, switch to view-controller.m file & place following line of code in your IBAction.

11. Run the project & check out following sample-output for comparison.

ipad uipopover part-1 image 7

12. Download the sample code from here.

13. Check out following video illustration for the same.


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