Main Characteristics Of top success Application

Following Are the Main characteristics for Your application more popular.

1.Solve a pain

This is the main factor for success:  top-ranking apps solve some pain that other apps don’t solve or just partially solve. No one needs another weather informer, clock, or news reader. Make something unique that solves a common problem.

2.Appealing description

Your app’s description is the only information available to users to help them decide whether they want to download your app or not. Spend extra time writing an appealing description, and include attractive screenshots, promo graphics, and icons.

3.Positive user experience

It doesn’t make much sense to simply put your website into an app. Your app should look and behave like a real app, and above all it must be user friendly. Since the smartphone user experience is different from the desktop, your app shouldn’t be simply lifted from the desktop world. Difficult?  Not really. There are many examples, libraries, and code snippets on how to implement a friendly user interface. Moreover, you can easily make your blog, forum, video, or audio content mobile friendly with many plug-ins and widgets available.

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