Implementing Google Suggestions into your iOS App

Have you ever thought of implementing google suggestions into your iOS App ?

Sample Output.

Google Suggestions into your iOS App output

Sample Output video.

If you are looking for the same, this post is for you. Just go through the post details to understand the implementation.

1. Open your project. Open your user interface of view controller. Design it as follow ( or may be as per your need. This user interface is just for an example ).
sugartin Implementing Google Suggestions into your iOS App UI

2. Now apply appropriate connections to your .h class. Add properties for an array & an ASIHttpRequest.
( One may use any other pattern for making web-service calls. Here I have used ASIHTTPRequest ).
Here is the sample snap of .h file of viewController, so you can have clear idea.

3. As I have used UISearchBar, I will be placing code for making request in UISearchBarDelegate Methods. Go through the code with comments.

4. Following is the code for parsing & adding data into array. after adding data into array, table will get reload.

5. Grab the complete source code from here.

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