Detecting iPhone 5

iphone 5 sugartin xcode detect

Attempt to check if the current device is an iPhone 5 at runtime. The most advanced version of this I’ve found is from this answer on StackOverflow.

The following is a slightly modified version of the macros created in the StackOverflow post:

The first and second macro check to see if the current device is an iPhone or iPod touch by using the UIDevice class.

The third macro checks to see if the screen height is greater than or equal to floating point value 568. Recall from above that the [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds] message will return the application window’s bounding box in logical points, and that 568 logical points will map to 1136 pixels with the default view contentScaleFactor of 1.0.

Finally, the fourth macro combines two of the prior macros into an IS_IPHONE_5 macro that (for the time being) should only return TRUE if the code is running on an iPhone 5. You could use the final version in your own code like this:

While the above approach is potentially useful, it is also error-prone. For example, what happens if the iPhone 6 is released with completely new dimensions? I would advise against using this approach if at all possible. Instead, stick to Autoresizing Masks or Auto Layout if you can make one of those approaches work.

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