How to get rid of .DS_Store files in Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

If you frequently notice .DS_Store file in your directories & you really don’t like this, this post might help you to get rid of it.

If you are not a developer & just a Mac OS X user, I recommend you to disable hidden file display by steps illustrated here.

And if you are “A Developer” & you are facing trouble while using SVN Checkouts or any sub-version system management due to .DS_Store files, follow following steps.

1. Open terminal.
2. Jump to directory from which you want to remove all .DS_Store files. ( $ cd yourDir )

3. Now execute above script to remove all .DS_Store file recursively. Now, open your SVN-Manger tool whichever you’re using and commit your files without .DS_Store files.

Notes :
1. Mountain Lion will keep on generating .DS_Store files whenever you open a Directory to view contents.
2. Try adding files under ignore list of your SVN-Manager tool. ( example – add files under .gitignore )

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