iOS 7 – Status bar Issue – Fixed in my style

Hi All ! I know every-one is struggling with new iOS7. One of the major issue for making app-user-interfaces compatible to iOS7 for apps which uses custom-layouts, I’ve found a quick solutions & I hope you are going to like my quick-fix. Just let me know your feedback via comments.

Step 1. Open project. Open to target-info.plist & add entries as illustrated here.

iOS 7 - Status bar Issue - Fixed in my style - 1

Step 2. Open App-delegate.m & navigate to app-did-finish-launching method & make sure you’ve a black window – see sample code below.

iOS 7 - Status bar Issue - Fixed in my style 2

Step 3. Check the current iOS version.

Step 4. It’s an obvious that you are going to set a view-controller/navigation-controller/tab-bar-controller as a root-view-controller of your application-window. So, Assume, we’ve a tabBar as a variable/property of a tab-bar-controller & following code will explain you how to add & set it in a window. (Make sure you code frame-size with conditions if you are targeting both iOS7 & 6)

And you’re done. You would not need to do after this patch for iOS 7. I hope it helps to you all. Cheers.

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