iOS7 OTA Distrubution over HTTPS

Step 1. Archive your project (Make sure you’ve archived project with distribution certificates & provisioning profiles)

Step 2. Click on ‘Distribute’ button.

iOS7 OTA Distribution over HTTPS - Step-2

Step 3. Choose ‘Save for Ad-hoc Distribution’.

iOS7 OTA Distribution over HTTPS Step-3

Step 4. Choose appropriate provisioning profile for distribution.

iOS7 OTA Distribution over HTTPS Step-4

Step 5. Make sure you enable ‘Save for Enterprise Distribution’. It’s okay to enter dummy values as we are going to modify it later.

iOS7 OTA Distribution over HTTPS Step-5

Step 6. Move ‘YourApp.ipa’ & ‘YourApp.plist’ files to specific folder example ‘YourApp’. Now move this ‘YourApp’ Folder to drop-box.


Step 7. Share both ‘.plist’ and ‘.ipa’ file over drop-box & get the share-link. For example.

Step 8. Replace ‘’ with ‘’

Step 9. Create an html file as follows, upload it in same folder of drop-box & share it. (Make sure you replace with your URLs in following code snip)

Step 10. Find your html’s drop-box shared link.  replace ‘’ with ‘’ for HTML file URL.

Step 11. Optional. (If you wish to avoid typing in iPhone) Shorten shared URL for HTML file (with new URL)

Step 12. Open URL in your iPhone.

Step 13. Click on link to install app.

Step 14. Enjoy :)



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