Make thumb Rules for Web service is in proper maner

Hello all here list of the Rules for called web service is into proper manner or upto mark.

  1. Web service send into POST Manner
  2. Data pass into row type
  3. Web service function name meaningful
  4. send and retrieve data only in string type
  5. Not uses space into key name rather then space uses “_”(underscore)
  6. Use restful web services
  7. use camel type function name
  8. Never pass “NULL”,”null” or “nil” into data receive and data pass
  9. Send appropriate error code and error message
  10. Send and receive data in JSON form
  11. When work with Date and Time then always use GMT 0 Time.
  12. Send or receive needful information into Array or Dictionary form using JSON encoding
  13. Use Token or any encryption standard for send a request and response in web service
  14. Adding Version number for add more ease to identify like V1,V2,V3
  15. Send image from application to server that time send only base64 string of image

Contribute if any missing rule let me know I will add into my list.

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