iPhone / iPad / iOS Interview questions Part 2

In previous article, we’ve discussed several iOS Interview questions which covers some of the very basic/easy question-answers. In this post, we’ll continue adding more related interview questions on the same topic.

  1. Q: Describe App Extensions in iOS8
    A: iOS 8 lets you extend select areas of the system by supplying an app extension, which is code that enables custom functionality within the context of a user task. For example, you might supply an app extension that helps users post content to your social sharing website. After users install and enable this extension, they can choose it when they tap the Share button in their current app. Your custom sharing extension provides the code that accepts, validates, and posts the user’s content. The system lists the extension in the sharing menu and instantiates it when the user chooses it. iOS supports app extensions for the following areas, which are known as extension points:

    1. Share. Share content with social websites or other entities.
    2. Action. Perform a simple task with the selected content.
    3. Today. Provide a quick update or enable a brief task in the Today view of Notification Center.
    4. Photo editing. Perform edits to a photo or video within the Photos app.
    5. Storage provider. Provide a document storage location that can be accessed by other apps. Apps that use a document picker view controller can open files managed by the Storage Provider or move files into the Storage Provider.
    6. Custom keyboard. Provide a custom keyboard that the user can choose in place of the system keyboard for all apps on the device.
  2. Q: For Touch ID Authentication what framework is used?
    A: Local Authentication framework
  3. Q: For Apple payments what framework is used?
    A: PassKit : The PassKit framework adds support for payment passes and payment requests.
  4. Q: Processors supported by Metal for Game Development?
    A: A7 and A8 and upcoming processors from Apple.
  5. Q: Who invented Objective-C?
    A: Broad Cox & Tom Love
  6. Q: Basic difference between Cocoa & Cocoa Touch frameworks?
    A: Cocoa frameworks are used for Mac OS X application development, Cocoa Touch frameworks are used for Apple’s Touch enable devices like iPhone, iPad & iPhone Touch.
  7. Q: What are new technology improvements for Game Development in iOS8?
    A: Metal, SceneKit, SpriteKit
  8. Q: What is Adoptive Layout?
    A: Adoptive layout is about abstracting the UI away from dependencies on things like device and orientation, allows closer concentration on the design itself, and less on the mechanics of implementation. Adoptive Layout can automatically change depending on particular characteristics of the container.

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