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Blender Basics 2.6 – Part-1

Blender Basics 2.6 - Part-1

Hi ! I’m Sagar & Welcome to Blender Basics 2.6 – Video-1 In this Video: 1. Introduction •    What is Blender? •    Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems. •    It … Continue reading

Installing an Ad Hoc Distribution

sugartin iphone ipad distribution build ipa ad hoc

Few days before, I was instructed to send .ipa file to client using mail. For me, That was not a new thing. I just created .ipa file & sent to the client. But later, I have to give support to … Continue reading

Console only on Debug mode & not in release mode

Console during development mode

It is strongly recommended to console each thing during the development time of the application. But during the development time, developers also have to send the build to the end client. Its an obvious thing that, no one would wish … Continue reading

Adding overlays on MKMapView using MKPolygon, MKPolygonView, MKOverlayView & MKAnnotationView

Adding overlays on MKMapView

Hey ! Hi All ! Let’s just have a quick look to the output of what I am going to illustrate using this post. So, This is how it looks like. If you are looking for similar kind of solution, … Continue reading

Show Map, Show website, Send Mail & Make a phone call – All in one sample code

phonecall, map, website, email - 2

In this post, I will create a sample code which will help to add multiple functions. Output of the application is as follows. It will include following feature. Show Map Show web-site Send email Make a phone call Here, I … Continue reading

iOS Print functionality – to print using AirPrinter

AirPrint - iOS iPad iPhone - 3

Now, It’s possible to print a document/image from the iOS Device having iOS 5. To implement print functionality  UIPrintInteractionControllerDelegate is used. Here are the screen-shots of the sample code given at the end of this post. iPhone screen – before … Continue reading