Cocos2D-x : Create Sprite and Create Label

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Following lines of code gives an example of how to create a sprite in Cocos2D-x. Similarly, Following lines of code gives an example of how to create a label in Cocos2D-x.

Cocos2D-x : File Template for Creating a new Game Scene

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Hi All ! I have found that, in cocos2D-x, developer has to copy and paste GameScene files & then modify it again and again for each scene you create for your game. Using following source code, one does not need … Continue reading

Cocos2D-X : How to register touch events?

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In this tutorial, I’ll illustrate how to register touch events in Cocos2D-x for iOS. Just go through the following code snip with the explainations as comments within in.

Cocos2D-x : How to create Menu in Cocos2D-X?

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Hi All ! using this post, I’ll provide you code-snip for creating Menu in Cocos2D-x. Just go through the following code snip for more brief. Hope that helps.

Add a scrollView in Cocos2D-x

Cocos2D-x Add Scrollview

Please go through the following lines of the code with the comments to understand each line. Hope that helps.

iPhone / iPad / iOS Interview questions Part 1

iOS Interview Questions Part 1

Recently, I’ve gone through several interview rounds. I would like to share my experience. Here, I’m not going to put the exact questions. Those will be part of next posts in this series. Initially, I would like to start with … Continue reading

iOS7 OTA Distrubution over HTTPS

Step 1. Archive your project (Make sure you’ve archived project with distribution certificates & provisioning profiles) Step 2. Click on ‘Distribute’ button. Step 3. Choose ‘Save for Ad-hoc Distribution’. Step 4. Choose appropriate provisioning profile for distribution. Step 5. Make … Continue reading