Support Multiple Orientation in iPhone/iPad/iPod using View

This time, I would like to share my knowledge of multiple orientation support in iPhone application using this post. By providing multiple orientation support to an application of iPhone, we can develop more user friendly applications for iPhone. This post … Continue reading

UIAlertView without Buttons – Please Wait Dialog

In the figure below you can see how a simple alert can be shown (sans buttons) while you are busy doing some other system activity (reading/writing files, etc). UIAlertView without Buttons

Trouble with this approach is that things look … Continue reading

Accessing volume of iPhone/iPad/iPod from your iPhone Application

iPhone Volume Slider Demo

By using this post, I am going to explain you how to access the Volume of iPhone using your Application. Just follow the steps described here. Here is the snapshot of Expected output. 1) Import MediaPlayer.framework in your project. 2) … Continue reading

MultipleCheck in Table – UITableView

Hello All ! I am going to explain How to enable multiple checks using UITableView. Here is the sample output of what I am going to explain using this post. 1) Create a new Project, Select Navigation Based Application & … Continue reading

Adding an Activity Indicator to Navigation Bar

In addition to the standard buttons that you can place on a navigation bar (UINavigationBar), adding an activity indicator (UIActivityIndicator) can be helpful when you need a standard location to indicate some type of action is underway, for example downloading … Continue reading

iPhone smooth transition using UIAccelerometer

In my previous post, I have explained how to enable the accelerometer usage in your application. By using this post, I am going to demonstrate, how to make smooth transition using UIAccelerometer in your application. Just go through following changes that … Continue reading

UIView Transitions HMGLTransitionManager

Note : This post is entirely based on HGMLTransition Git Source. UIView’s sweet animation capabilities we were used to in pre-iOS 4 are now deprecated and Apple suggests we start using blocks which is far more convenient and simpler way … Continue reading

Simple View transitions

Using view transitions will give a lot of beauty to your entire application. So far there are implemented 4 transitions: Curl Up (UIViewAnimationTransitionCurlUp) – check Maps application on iPhone, but it’s not best example. Simply: page flip; curls a view … Continue reading