iPhone – enabling Accelerometer usage

What do we need ? – A pendulum image Delegates to be used – UIAccelerometerDelegate Delegate method to be used How to set up the accelerometer in your vie controller

Source Code link Demostration

Half curl Animation between two UIViews

There are different view animations available in iPhone SDK. By using this post I am going to explain “How to implement half curl animation between two views?” which will look similar to the iPhone Maps application. 1) Import frameworks in … Continue reading

Localization in Xib (Nib) Files

What is Localization in iPhone? Translate your application in multiple languages. In simple words you want that your application will be easily understandable in different languages. So you want to localized your application in French/German or any other language. iPhone … Continue reading

Load and Access Custom Fonts in iOS App

In this post, I will describe load & access custom fonts in iOS App Next, add a property in the project plist named UIAppFonts, which is an array containing the names of each font you would like to make available … Continue reading

Add Rounded Corners and Border to UIControls

In this post, I will describe here applying rounded corners to different UI Controls. One can take any UIControl & apply rounded corners. Here for an example we have taken UIWebView. You may use as per your need. Rounded Corners … Continue reading

Creating MultiLevel UITableView – Expandable & Collapsable UITableView

Using this post, I am just going to quickly describe Creating MultiLevel – Expandable & Collapsable UITableView. Watch following screen-shots or the video to have more clarity. Expected Output is as follows. Code for Cell of TableView

code for … Continue reading

UIPickerView Example

Hello All ! I am going to explain implementation of UIPickerView using this post. According to me following are the steps for the simplest implementation of UIPickerView. 1) Create a new window based Application Project and set the project name … Continue reading

UIActionSheet example

This post will illustrate implementing UIActionSheet in your project. Go through the code to understand the implementation. .h File ————

.m File ————

Give Me the Code. Here is the source code for it.