How To Preload and Import Existing Data using Coredata

How to restore database record which all ready inserted data into DB those data restore using coredata. for that follow following code use for the extract data from db file and insert using coredata model

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Data Encryption Standard(DES) Encryption and Decryption

Yellow computer folder with key. Isolated 3d image

The Data Encryption Standard (DES) is a secret key encryption scheme adopted as standard in the USA in 1977. It uses a 56-bit key, which is today considered by many to be insufficient as it can with moderate effort be … Continue reading

NSLog without date time stamp, application name, and process id info.

New trick that how to hide  date time stamp, application name, and process id info, when you are going to print your information through NSLogs. The NSLogs original output is

But you can modify it to more simple way:

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Blender Basics 2.6 – Part-1

Blender Basics 2.6 - Part-1

Hi ! I’m Sagar & Welcome to Blender Basics 2.6 – Video-1 In this Video: 1. Introduction •    What is Blender? •    Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems. •    It … Continue reading

Shell script for genrating XCAssets for Projects

Shell script for genrating XCAssets for Projects

Hi All ! In this post, you’ll find a script. This shell script is going to help you to generate XCAssets. Why do we need XCAssets? In earlier XCode5, we’re forced to (or it is more preferable to) manage assets/images … Continue reading