Implementing HJCache for Asynchronous Image calls for UITableView

Step 1) Download HJCache from here. Go through following videos to understand the implementation.

XCode4 Shortcuts

Editor ShortCuts Cmd + Ctrl + up/down Jump between .h & .m Files. Cmd + Ctrl + Left/Right Jump between Previous Edited Files/Next Edited files.   Layout Shortcuts Cmd + 0 hide or show navigators Cmd + opt + 0 … Continue reading

Removing .svn files

Run following command on terminal after navigating to your target directory.

Removing Recursively Delete “.SVN” Folder

Creating MultiLevel UITableView – Expandable & Collapsable UITableView

Using this post, I am just going to quickly describe Creating MultiLevel – Expandable & Collapsable UITableView. Watch following screen-shots or the video to have more clarity. Expected Output is as follows. Code for Cell of TableView

code for … Continue reading

UIViewAnimation using QuartzCore Framework

Step 1) Import QuartzCore.framework in your project. Step 2) open your view & make modification according to your requirement

For AnimationType you can use following option. kCATransitionMoveIn kCATransitionPush kCATransitionReveal kCATransitionFade For AnimationSubType you can use following option. kCATransitionFromLeft kCATransitionFromRight kCATransitionFromTop … Continue reading

Checking Current Device using macro

I use following macro. I place following macro in Application-Prefix.pch file.

Now, I can write anywhere in code as follows. One can directly write ‘UI_USER_INTERFACE_IDIOM’ but I prefer isIPAD as better option.

Subversion Applications for Mac OSX Apple

Subversion Client Cost Logo XCode Free svnX Free Versions Free or 39$ for Experts CornerStone 14 days Trial Single User – 59$ Upgrade- 29$ SCPlugin Free & Open source SVN scripts for Finder Free & Open source NO LOGO information RapidSVN … Continue reading