Creating iPA file using XCode 4.2 & 4.3.2

In this post, I am going to describe ‘How to create iPA file using XCode?’ iPA file means iPhone Application. iPA files are generally used for Ad-Hoc distribution. Step 1. Open your code Project. Step 02. From Xcode, Go to … Continue reading

How to enable zombie objects in XCode4.0.2?

enable Zombie objects XCode4 step-1

This post will describe you “How to enable Zombi objects in XCode 4.0.2?”. 1) Select your project. 2) Click on your Project Name from the tool bar as shown above & A popup menu will appear as follows. 3) Click … Continue reading

How to enable NSZombie on Xcode 4.2?

XCode 4 is new for most probably many persons. Its difficult to find newly introduced feature & find out the exact location of existing features. I am going to demonstrate  ” How to enable NSZombie on XCode4/XCode4.2 ? ” 1) … Continue reading

Manually Creating .ipa files using XCode – using Archives

Some times you might get errors while Archiving your project using XCode for distribution purpose.  

I have given a complete demonstration to create an ipa file using XCode.