iOS Notification Sliding Type Animation for slide up & down

iOS Notification Sliding Type Animation sugartin

Go through this video ! If you need to implement as illustrated in video, This post is for you. 1. Open your project. 2. Add a view & imageView as illustrated in following image. 3. Place them properly. 4. User … Continue reading

Add To Cart – Shopping Cart View Animation using UITabBar & UITableView

sugartin addtocart shopping animation uiview layer step 11

Check out above video first before going through the entire post. Did you like that implementation ? Do you really want to have similar kind of implementation ? Are you really looking for something similar ? If yes, this post … Continue reading

Move Layers/Views to Path in iOS

move to path xcode ios sugartin 2

In this post, I am going to give you quick guide, How to achieve the animations illustrated in above video. 1. Import the QuartzCore.framework into your project. 2. Open XIB & design accordingly your need. Here is an example of … Continue reading

UIViewAnimation using QuartzCore Framework

Step 1) Import QuartzCore.framework in your project. Step 2) open your view & make modification according to your requirement

For AnimationType you can use following option. kCATransitionMoveIn kCATransitionPush kCATransitionReveal kCATransitionFade For AnimationSubType you can use following option. kCATransitionFromLeft kCATransitionFromRight kCATransitionFromTop … Continue reading