Cocos2D-x : File Template for Creating a new Game Scene

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Hi All ! I have found that, in cocos2D-x, developer has to copy and paste GameScene files & then modify it again and again for each scene you create for your game. Using following source code, one does not need … Continue reading

Cocos2D-X : How to register touch events?

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In this tutorial, I’ll illustrate how to register touch events in Cocos2D-x for iOS. Just go through the following code snip with the explainations as comments within in.

Cocos2D-x : How to create Menu in Cocos2D-X?

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Hi All ! using this post, I’ll provide you code-snip for creating Menu in Cocos2D-x. Just go through the following code snip for more brief. Hope that helps.

Manage assests for iOS Devices in Cocos2D-x

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Using this post, I would like to illustrate how to manage assests for iOS Devices in Cocos2D-X. Just go throuh the following source-code with the comments.

Support Multiple Orientation in iPhone/iPad/iPod using View

This time, I would like to share my knowledge of multiple orientation support in iPhone application using this post. By providing multiple orientation support to an application of iPhone, we can develop more user friendly applications for iPhone. This post … Continue reading