Evolus pencil crashes in Mavericks – How to resolve?

Evolus Pencil

Evolus pencil’s current version(2.0.5) crashes in Mavericks. To use Pencil, use following steps. ———————————————————— Use pencil via Firefox plugin 1. Go to “Setups” shared folder under “SRK’s mac mini” 2. open file “Pencil-2.0-5-fx.xpi” with firefox 3. Install plugin 4. Restart … Continue reading

The Open Source iPhone Apps List


Here is the open source iphone app list in alphabetical order: 1. 2012 Olympics – App displaying timetable for 2012 Olympic events. (iTunes link) (source code) 2. ABC 123 – Sequence memorization game. Utilizes Cocos2D. (iTunes link) (source code) 3. AntiMapLog – An app for recording your own data (location, time, etc.) … Continue reading