Scale and Rotate image while capture the image in iphone Device

Scale and Rotate while capturing from iPhone - 2

Hello All, In a IOS development so many time issues like when we capture the image from Device, some time capture photo automatically converted into the landscape and doesn’t show good so creating post for the when capture the image … Continue reading

Include Rating Module in your application

Sugartin rating table rate

I believe, most of the applications include ratings within application for different purpose. So, Here, I am just going to provide basic module & which can be used based on your different needs. Here are the screen-shots from the Output … Continue reading

Facebook integration using Share-kit

Hello All, Few days before, I write a post for  twitter  integration using Share-kit & As I promised I am going to share my knowledge for integrating facebook sharing using Share-Kit. I am going to use an open-source  Popup from … Continue reading

UITextField numeric entries only

Numeric Keypad only

I am going to provide here snip for limiting a textfield to numbers only. Following code-snip will help you to enter 14 digit number like a phone number including brackets (), dash – , space and backspace.

Standard image and icon sizes for iOS apps

Below are guidelines for handling icon files for iPhone-only apps, iPad-only apps, and universal apps.   Name Size PlateForm Icon.png 57 x 57 Universial application icon Icon-settings.png 29 x 29 Universial application icon for settings area. Alternative name: Icon-Small.png Icon~ipad.png … Continue reading

Twitter integration using Share-kit (also for iOS 4)

Hello All, According to me, this post would be the most valuable post as compare to others. I faced too many troubles for integrating it. But Finally I came up with solution at the end. I have prepared a bunch … Continue reading

Working with UIWebView – loading contents in different ways

UIWebView using URL

This post is going to illustrate different ways of loading contents in UIWebView. Illustration also includes the steps of creating project as well. For existing projects, skip first 3 steps. Step 1) Create the new project and select the single … Continue reading

Language selection within application

Using this post, I  am going to describe the trick that I implemented in one of the applications developed by me. This trick enables Arabic Language support & English language support. In short, This trick will help you to enable … Continue reading