Adding contact to specific Groups

contact book add contact

Hi All ! Using this post, I am going to illustrate adding contact into specific group using the little code snip. Find the code snip as follows. First part of code snip is for creating group in address book & … Continue reading

Adding a contact to AddressBook using your application.

contact book add contact

Hi ! Using this post, I will illustrate adding a contact details to AddressBook from an application. Step 1. Open your project. Step 2. Import AddressBook.framework Step 3. Put & bind appropriate actions. Step 4. Put following code within your … Continue reading

Get information from iPhone address book in contacts

Would you like your iphone contact to be able to Access your application using  AddressBook.framework? In iPhone OS 3.0 you can easily access contats  and  regarding details access from your app . In fact, now your Contacts can be easily … Continue reading