iPhone / iPad / iOS Interview questions Part 1

iOS Interview Questions Part 1

Recently, I’ve gone through several interview rounds. I would like to share my experience. Here, I’m not going to put the exact questions. Those will be part of next posts in this series. Initially, I would like to start with … Continue reading

Enabling zooming in mac os x lion

Enable Zoom in LION Mac OSX Step1

I am going to describe “enabling zooming in mac os x lion” step by step in this post. Step 1 ) Click on System Preferences or Open System Preferences. Step 2 ) Click on Universal Access. Step 3 ) Select … Continue reading

XCode4 Shortcuts

Editor ShortCuts Cmd + Ctrl + up/down Jump between .h & .m Files. Cmd + Ctrl + Left/Right Jump between Previous Edited Files/Next Edited files.   Layout Shortcuts Cmd + 0 hide or show navigators Cmd + opt + 0 … Continue reading