Cocos2D-x : Create Sprite and Create Label

Cocos2D-x Add Scrollview

Following lines of code gives an example of how to create a sprite in Cocos2D-x. Similarly, Following lines of code gives an example of how to create a label in Cocos2D-x.

Cocos2D-x : File Template for Creating a new Game Scene

Cocos2D-x Add Scrollview

Hi All ! I have found that, in cocos2D-x, developer has to copy and paste GameScene files & then modify it again and again for each scene you create for your game. Using following source code, one does not need … Continue reading

Take screen-shot of current-application-window

In this post, I’ll illustrate how to take screen-shot of the current-app-window. Please go through the code to understand the snip or just grab it & paste it in your code.

Move Layers/Views to Path in iOS

move to path xcode ios sugartin 2

In this post, I am going to give you quick guide, How to achieve the animations illustrated in above video. 1. Import the QuartzCore.framework into your project. 2. Open XIB & design accordingly your need. Here is an example of … Continue reading

Image Gallery Controller using scroll view

Hello Everyone ! Using this post I am going to describe the use the image gallery when tap on the another image that image show in that view not travel on another view also user can scroll the image list … Continue reading

ImagePageControll – Building a PageControll With images

Using this post I am going to describe “How to build a ImagePageControll” with the help of UIScrollView and HJManagedImageView. Here is an example of output of it. Let’s have a quick look of that. Step 1. Implement HJCaching into … Continue reading

Blinking Layers – using CATransform3DMakeScale


This post would be the smallest post. It will describe you how to apply a blinking like or scaling kind of effect. Here is the example of the output. Step 1 : import QuartzCore.framework into your project. Step 2 : … Continue reading