UISearchDisplayController & custom UITableViewCells

Search Display View Controller Sample Output

Using this post, I will describe the implementation of UISearchDisplayController with customized UITableViewCells. Expected Output of this tutorial Step 1) Open your TableViewController.xib & do as follows. Step 2) Now, Place following code in your TableViewController.h file.

Step 3) … Continue reading

Reverse Geo-coding – obtaining Location details from the Address in Google Map

Reverse GeoCoading Location from address

Following snip of code is surely gonna help you to grab the location from an address supplied to it. Yes, Just copy & paste the code supplied below this image & It will work like a charm.

Registering an application for push notification

Push Notification Post Thumb

This post will describe about “Registering the application for push notification”. You may also consider it as “enabling push notification in an iPhone/iPad application.” 1) Open your application project. 2) Select & Open “YourApplicationDelegate.m” ( Application delegate implementation file ) … Continue reading