Image Gallery Controller using scroll view

Hello Everyone ! Using this post I am going to describe the use the image gallery when tap on the another image that image show in that view not travel on another view also user can scroll the image list … Continue reading

Support Multiple Orientation in iPhone/iPad/iPod using View

This time, I would like to share my knowledge of multiple orientation support in iPhone application using this post. By providing multiple orientation support to an application of iPhone, we can develop more user friendly applications for iPhone. This post … Continue reading

UIView Transitions HMGLTransitionManager

Note : This post is entirely based on HGMLTransition Git Source. UIView’s sweet animation capabilities we were used to in pre-iOS 4 are now deprecated and Apple suggests we start using blocks which is far more convenient and simpler way … Continue reading

UIViewAnimation using QuartzCore Framework

Step 1) Import QuartzCore.framework in your project. Step 2) open your view & make modification according to your requirement

For AnimationType you can use following option. kCATransitionMoveIn kCATransitionPush kCATransitionReveal kCATransitionFade For AnimationSubType you can use following option. kCATransitionFromLeft kCATransitionFromRight kCATransitionFromTop … Continue reading