Decode HTML String to normal text

In this post, I’ll provide you a quick snippet for trimming/decoding HTML text from NSString. So, the code snippet given here will just remove the HTML tags supplied within the NSString object. Assume you have following string.

Code snippet … Continue reading

Implementing Google Suggestions into your iOS App

Google Suggestions into your iOS App output

Have you ever thought of implementing google suggestions into your iOS App ? Sample Output. Sample Output video. If you are looking for the same, this post is for you. Just go through the post details to understand the implementation. … Continue reading

Handle Tap On UILabel event / UIGesture on UILabel

Step 1. Add UILabel dynamically or using interface builder into your view. Step 2. Put following lines of code for handling Tap On UILabel.

Customized UITextField as an Combo-box using STControls

STControls Output 2

I am going to illustrate STControls using this post. Well, STControls is basically nothing but customized UITextField controls. STControls is basically having two custom controls. STComboText – This customized control enables facility for using UITextField as an ComboBox. STDateText  – … Continue reading

UISearchBarDisplayController with video demonstration


Video is going to describe the implementation of CustomCell & UISearchBarDisplayController. Here are the sample screen-shot of output of iphone simulator. Just go through the video & let us know your comments on it. Grab the source code from here.

How to upload images with text using iPhone SDK using ASIHttpRequest ?

This example shows how to upload images using iPhone SDK. In this example we pick multiple images from iPhone Image Gallery or from iPhone Camera and send them to server using ASIHttpRequest. Step 1 :- Download Latest version of the … Continue reading