UISearchDisplayController & custom UITableViewCells

Search Display View Controller Sample Output

Using this post, I will describe the implementation of UISearchDisplayController with customized UITableViewCells. Expected Output of this tutorial Step 1) Open your TableViewController.xib & do as follows. Step 2) Now, Place following code in your TableViewController.h file.

Step 3) … Continue reading

Working with multiple data-sources in UITableView


Using this post, I am going to explain “working with multiple data-sources in UITableView”. Expected Output of this tutorial is demonstrated by following images. Step 1 : load data into your arrays ( if you are fetching from xml/web do … Continue reading

Creating Image Grid using UITableView in iPhone

This post will guide “How to create a grid kind of Table View?” In this post following major points are covered. TableView Custom UITableViewCell Array of images. HJCache for asynchronous image loading. 1) Copy paste(import) HJCacheClasses library into project. 2) … Continue reading

MultipleCheck in Table – UITableView

Hello All ! I am going to explain How to enable multiple checks using UITableView. Here is the sample output of what I am going to explain using this post. 1) Create a new Project, Select Navigation Based Application & … Continue reading

Implementing HJCache for Asynchronous Image calls for UITableView

Step 1) Download HJCache from here. Go through following videos to understand the implementation.

Creating MultiLevel UITableView – Expandable & Collapsable UITableView

Using this post, I am just going to quickly describe Creating MultiLevel – Expandable & Collapsable UITableView. Watch following screen-shots or the video to have more clarity. Expected Output is as follows. Code for Cell of TableView

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UITableViewCellSelection Style – Custom for Grouped Tables

UITableView Grouped

You might have read my previous post for changing UITableViewCellSelectionStyle customization. This post is for customizing the background color UITableViewCell. Just place following code, Download images & link/copy them to your project.

Images are as follows. Expected output is … Continue reading

Changing UITableViewCell Selection Color

Following code is an example for chaing the UITableViewCell Selection Color Just put following code to your cellForRowAtIndexPath method.