Validate Credit card number over your Application


In this tutorial i describe the how to validate the credit/debit card holder like (Master card,visa card etc).in the most cases every time call to server for checking the number rather then validate using implementation of  Luhn Algorithm for validating the … Continue reading

UITextField numeric entries only

Numeric Keypad only

I am going to provide here snip for limiting a textfield to numbers only. Following code-snip will help you to enter 14 digit number like a phone number including brackets (), dash – , space and backspace.

Customized UITextField as an Combo-box using STControls

STControls Output 2

I am going to illustrate STControls using this post. Well, STControls is basically nothing but customized UITextField controls. STControls is basically having two custom controls. STComboText – This customized control enables facility for using UITextField as an ComboBox. STDateText  – … Continue reading

Best way to trim white spaces from a NSString

Do you guys stuck with trimming white-spaces ? Following snip of code would surely help you to trim string.

As you can notice that, strUserName string will have trimmed characters from textField of UserName. Examples

Also the create … Continue reading