UIViewAnimation using QuartzCore Framework

Step 1) Import QuartzCore.framework in your project. Step 2) open your view & make modification according to your requirement

For AnimationType you can use following option. kCATransitionMoveIn kCATransitionPush kCATransitionReveal kCATransitionFade For AnimationSubType you can use following option. kCATransitionFromLeft kCATransitionFromRight kCATransitionFromTop … Continue reading

Checking Current Device using macro

I use following macro. I place following macro in Application-Prefix.pch file.

Now, I can write anywhere in code as follows. One can directly write ‘UI_USER_INTERFACE_IDIOM’ but I prefer isIPAD as better option.

Subversion Applications for Mac OSX Apple

Subversion Client Cost Logo XCode Free svnX Free Versions Free or 39$ for Experts CornerStone 14 days Trial Single User – 59$ Upgrade- 29$ SCPlugin Free & Open source SVN scripts for Finder Free & Open source NO LOGO information RapidSVN … Continue reading

UIPickerView Example

Hello All ! I am going to explain implementation of UIPickerView using this post. According to me following are the steps for the simplest implementation of UIPickerView. 1) Create a new window based Application Project and set the project name … Continue reading

Map View controller with multiple pin on Google map

iOS Custom Colored MKAnnotations on Maps sugartin step 2

1. Copy following file in to projects. Place.h Place.m PlaceMark.h PlaceMark.h 2. Download above files from Here & place it as follows. 3. Create new file (myCity.m) 4. Place following code  (myCity.h)

5. Place following code (myCity.m)

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Customizing UITabBar – Using Images, UITabBarController & its delegate methods


I have read many different kind of articles & lot many forums. I also tried to implement Tab Bar customization in many different ways. Finally I came up with a very short & simple solution. Implementation of this technique is very simple … Continue reading